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Boston Fern - Hanging Planter

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This popular tropical is here to help you chill out on your summer staycation. Boston Ferns are air-cleaning dynamos! Graceful green fronds are calming and restful in any room.

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This popular tropical is here to help you chill out on your tropical staycation. Boston Ferns are air-cleaning dynamos! They love high humidity - a bathroom near a frosted window, or a kitchen island would be ideal! Boston Ferns can be kept outside in the summer on a shady patio, as long as the temperature is above 12C at night. Ideal temperature range is 15-24C. No direct sun, please! These plants thrive in bright, but indirect light.

If the fronds start to wilt or get a bit yellow, make sure you provide additional humidity with a spray bottle a few times a week. They really love a good spritz! The soil should be kept evenly moist. Do not place near drafts or forced-air vents in the home.

Comes with a trendy 5in hanging planter (leather strap/ceramic pot) that covers the plastic grower pot inside.  Grower pot has drainage holes, cover pot does not. 

  • Provide bright, indirect light near a window, or artificial light for part of the day. 
  • Water regularly so the soil is consistently moist.
  • Easy care! Does not need a lot of fertilizer - only once or twice a year, in spring and summer. If the fronds start to lose their dark green colour, a shot of fertilizer is in order. 
  • Trimming the top of the plant from time to time will encourage a broader form.
  • Not recommended for human or animal consumption.


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Boston Fern - Hanging Planter

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